3rd Grade Science and Social Studies

Online Learning Opportunities
https://educationgalaxy.com/  Improve your rank in the Galaxy by practicing Reading, Language Arts, and Math. Assignments will also be made here for online learning in the event of school closure. (USE SCHOOL CODE 45746)
https://app.studyisland.com/cfw/login/ Brush up on your Reading and Math skills!
https://login.edmentum.com/ Practice makes perfect! Grow by leaps and bounds by practicing Reading, Language Arts, and Math skills.
Learn all about amazing animals on these sites!
Let's read and practice phonics in a fun way!
www.reading.ecb.org Play games and practice reading strategies by getting "Into the Book."
www.seussville.com  Play games and hang out with Dr. Seuss and his friends!
www.abcya.com  Practice math and reading skills while playing fun games.
www.funbrain.com  Play math and reading games to brush up on your skills!
www.pbs.org  Hang out with your favorite characters while learning!
www.starfall.com  Practice your phonics skills with read along stories.
www.storylineonline.net  Have some of your favorite stories read to you by movie stars!
www.highlightskids.com Read and play games as well as conduct cool science experiments!
This is a great site for reading. I will be using this site in my classroom to tie books into the curriculum.