At Home Education

Math Plans  for April 6 - 9


Online Education Galaxy Study Plans for 30 minutes

Paper Packet 2 digit multiplication worksheet


Online Students decide on a meal that you could prepare for your family. You must google recipe (unless you already have one), look up ingredients and their prices.  Once completed, type out your recipe, the price per ingredient, and the total price of all ingredients on a Google doc and share that doc with me. (Bonus points if you add pictures of you actually cooking the meal.) You are not required to prepare the meal, just plan and create a budget for the meal.

Paper Packet Division Treasure Map


Online Find a menu from an online restaurant and ask each family member what they would order if they were actually at the restaurant.  On a Google Doc list each person’s meal and the price of each meal. Then add the total cost for your family’s pretend meal out. Then tell me what was the best choice if you were trying to save money, the meal you prepared at home or the one from a restaurant. 

Paper Packet-Division Riddle


Everyone-Catch on any missing assignments and study your facts. Grades will be posted soon, so make sure all of your work is done.

Friday- Enjoy the day with your family! Happy Easter!!