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Dress Code

Student Dress Code




The following dress code meets the standards most conducive to promoting instruction.  SR Elementary’s dress code is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption, and minimize safety hazards. Campus administrators exercise final judgment on garments and/or styles that are a distraction. Students are expected to comply with the following: 


  • Any extreme in clothing, hair style/color, cosmetics, jewelry, or appearance in the opinion of the administration, that may disrupt the normal operations of the school, will not be permitted.


  • Students cannot wear jeans with holes showing skin above the knees. Holes above this area can be patched. However, the patched holes cannot be in an inappropriate place (an area that would be covered with a modest swimsuit or boxer shorts).


  • Students should wear their hair in a clean, neat, and well-groomed fashion. Boys should not wear their hair in such a way that it extends over their collar or past the eyebrows or earlobes.


  • Students must wear clothing and accessories, in keeping with their gender.


  • Students will not be allowed to wear earrings or studs on any body part other than the ear. They may not wear band-aids to cover piercings on other areas than their ears. Gauges, or any similar device that stretches the ear, may not be worn.


  • Students must wear shoes or boots at all times (no house-shoes or slippers).


  • Students may not wear any apparel that contains advertising for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.


  • No obscene, offensive, or suggestive slogans may be worn on clothing or accessories.


  • No tank, tube, muscle, or strapless tops may be worn. Sleeveless shirts must measure at least three inches across the shoulder.


  • Sunglasses, hats, caps, skull-caps, toboggans, or any type of headgear may not be worn.
  • Appropriate shorts may be worn by the students. To be considered appropriate shorts they should be in good taste (loose fitting and hemmed) and cannot be any shorter than the mid thighs as the student stands naturally. Spandex-type shorts or pants are not allowed and pajama shorts or pants are not allowed.


  • Clothing should be long enough to cover the body adequately and conform to a standard of modesty when the student is sitting, standing, stooping, or bending. Midriffs may not be exposed at any time.


  • Female students may wear appropriate dresses. To be considered an appropriate dress or skirt, they should be in good taste (loose fitting and hemmed) and be no shorter than two inches below mid-thigh.


  • Chains are not permitted (belt loops to a wallet) or in any fashion.


  • Pants, shorts, or skirts that are worn to sag below the tops of undergarments are not appropriate, (known as sagging), and are not permitted.


  • Necklines shall not display cleavage.


  • Leggings or tights must be accompanied with a top that comes mid-thigh or longer.